How to Help Seniors Feel Good About Life

Getting older doesn’t have to mean your health and well-being will deteriorate. Many people stay healthy and live full lives well into their 80’s and 90’s. Even if you weren’t as careful with your wellness when you were younger, that shouldn’t stop you from taking up healthy habits now, no matter how old you are. For families and caregivers of older people to encourage and support whatever changes need to be made, even if it means taking small steps to get there. Every little bit helps when it comes to being in the best physical shape you can.

Your primary care physician is your source for the right kinds of supplements to take, exercise to do, and medications that can improve your health. An annual check-up is essential for everyone, but especially for those over 65, when chronic problems need diligent oversight, such as diabetes, which affects over one-third of seniors, osteoporosis, and arthritis. In addition, caregivers and family members should stay informed about what prescriptions are added or removed after each visit and understand any other lifestyle changes or follow-up tests that need to be done.

If you need more in-depth care, a geriatrician is a good option since they specialize in the care of older people.

With SoulTab, caregivers can keep track of doctor’s appointments, prescription refills, and other medical issues older adults may need help managing.

Be Careful and Use Common Sense

There are some hazards that older adults should watch out for in their daily lives. Of course, everyone needs to use caution when navigating the world. Still, because older adults may have sensory problems, such as vision or hearing loss, it’s even more critical for you to be careful with some activities. Caregivers should regularly check in to see how their older adult is managing these things.


One of the most challenging things for anyone to do as they grow older is accept that their days of driving may be coming to an end. There are many reasons why this can happen, including vision problems, lack of mobility (for example, inability to reach the pedals or turn your head), or the onset of memory loss. Caregivers must be firm about taking away the keys if they realize that their loved one is a danger to themselves or others on the road.

SoulTab can solve the problem of transportation once an older adult is no longer driving. We offer on-demand driving services to our upgraded members.

Hazards in the Home

Staying safe at home, especially for older adults who live independently, can be something that caregivers and loved ones need to monitor more closely as

Do the Basics So You Can to Stay Healthy

Keeping your body healthy is an ongoing process that requires common sense and daily attention. Take these steps to keep in good shape so you can enjoy your life as much as possible.

Stop Smoking

This is relatively simple. Smoking is terrible for you, and if you stop smoking, it will significantly benefit you no matter how old you are.

Eat the Rainbow

Fruits, vegetables, and legumes of all colors should be a part of your diet. The darker the color, the higher the beneficial vitamins and minerals. So load up on berries, eggplant, arugula, tomatoes, yams, and other dark fruits and veggies. Apples, bananas, broccoli, and beans—all of these are good for you and will keep you feeling good. You can have a slice of pie or a cheeseburger every so often, but eating well is the best way to stay on the path of healthy living.

Move Your Body

You don’t have to walk for hours or lift a lot of weights to stay in shape. Gentle exercise like tai chi, Pilates and yoga are great options for older adults who may have movement restrictions or other reasons to keep exercise simple.

As people age, the likelihood that they will live on their own increases. In the United States, it’s estimated that 14.7 million older adults, or 28% of those 65 and over, live alone—though some live in senior living communities. Forty-four percent of women over the age of 75 living alone. Isolation is one of the biggest challenges for seniors. As their ability to live independently is reduced by both practical matters such as not driving anymore and social matters such as the loss of friends, many seniors find it hard to continue to have a positive outlook. As a caregiver or a loved one, there are things you can do to help change the outlook of the older adult in your life.

Make Sure They Stay as Healthy as Possible

There’s an old saying: “If you have your health, you have everything.” It’s true that seniors often have medical challenges, but there are ways to minimize their impact. For example, your loved one should do these things:

  • Take all of medications as scheduled
  • Go for a brief walk every day
  • Eat healthy foods as often as possible
  • Get lots of rest and take naps if needed
  • Use a cane or walker if necessary
  • Wear hearing aids and eyeglasses if prescribed

Using the SoulTab app can help you keep up with what your older loved one is doing each day to maintain their health and well-being.

Find Them a Job to Do

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself and life is to have a sense of purpose. Many seniors miss having a job when they retire and find themselves with too much time on their hands. For most seniors, it’s not practical or possible to work, but for some, a part-time job is a great compromise. If working is not an option, volunteering is the next best thing. Talk to your loved one about what it is they enjoy doing—do they like animals, or are they better-suited to making phone calls for political candidates? Having a task to do can make a senior feel much more fulfilled and can be very rewarding.

Help Them Get Socially Involved

The unfortunate truth about getting older is that we lose friends and loved ones. Seniors often find themselves without pals or companions to go out to lunch, have a cup of coffee or simply talk to on the phone. Get your senior involved in the social activity that’s available to them. If they live in a senior living community, there will be lots of classes, activities, and celebrations in which to participate. If they live on their own, encourage them to go to the local community center and join a seniors group. If isolation is a problem, there are lots of ways to connect to others online.

The SoulTab app enables social connections for all of its users so they can make friends and feel connected.

Find a Companion

If you are far away from your loved one and you sense that they are feeling lonely, a companion is a wonderful way to provide some company a few hours (or more) each week. A companion can visit, drive them to the grocery store or other places, take them out for dinner, play games or help with chores around the house.

SoulTab offers companions on-demand with our upgraded service plan. We can find your senior whatever kind of companionship they need, from a few hours to a few days a week or more.

Get Medical Help if Needed

Sometimes, depression and anxiety are more than we can handle without some medical care. Schedule an appointment for your loved one to see their doctor and find out if therapy or medication would be helpful to get them feeling better about life and motivated to do more. No matter what age, everyone deserves to enjoy their lives as much as possible.

Good Life



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