7 Ideas for Keeping Your Mind Sharp as You Get Older
  • "Where did I leave my house keys?"
  • "Have you seen my eyeglasses?"
  • "What did I come in this room for?"
  • "I can’t remember the word for that!"

Ask any older adult, and they will likely have said one of these things recently if not all of them. Our brain volume grows smaller as we age, and occasional forgetfulness is a normal part of life for everyone after the age of fifty. That doesn’t mean you should sit back and let it happen, though. Keeping your mind in shape is as important as keeping your heart healthy and your muscles functioning. Fortunately, it can be easy—and fun—to exercise your brain every day. These suggestions for ways to stay sharp will make it easy to keep your mind nimble, although you may still forget where you put your eyeglasses now and then.

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1. Play Card Games

Card games are a great way to keep your mind working. Whatever game you enjoy—bridge, poker, canasta, gin rummy—card games demand attention, math, and thinking about solving problems. Also, card games are interactive since you play with other people. Social interaction is always a good idea for older adults.

2. Take a Dance Class

If you enjoy dancing, try learning a new step. For example, maybe you’re great at waltzing, but you’ve never done the tango. Or, if you like to cha-cha, try line dancing instead. Take a group class, and you’ll meet new people while you learn some fun moves—and get some physical exercise, too.

3. Tackle a Jigsaw Puzzle

Some jigsaw puzzles feel like they are impossible to finish, and those are the best kind for stretching your mind. So get a thousand-piece puzzle and spread it out on your dining room table, and get started. You may be surprised at how obsessed you become with completing a jigsaw puzzle once you get started! If you live in a senior living community, chances are there’s a game room where there’s a puzzle that needs finishing.

4. Do a Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are often recommended for keeping your brain working and sharp. One 2011 study found that doing crossword puzzles after being diagnosed with dementia slowed brain function decline. There are all levels of crossword difficulty, so there’s no need to feel intimidated by the tougher ones.

5. Sudoku

If numbers are more your thing than words, sudoku puzzles will keep you thinking and calculating for hours.

6. Crochet or Knit a Blanket or Sweater

When you crochet or knit, you need to pay attention to the stitches, count rows, and otherwise be focused on what you’re doing. Crocheting and knitting are also very soothing activities if you are feeling anxious or stressed. If you need a reason to spend your time on a project, many charitable organizations welcome handknit blankets and sweaters for those in need.

7.Play a Trivia Game

Trivia games are great for exercising your memory skills. Whatever category you excel in, test yourself and your ability to remember names, dates, and places that may be hidden away in your mind. You can also learn a lot about things you don’t know by listening to the questions and answers unfamiliar to you. Join in a trivia game at a local bar or community center, and you’ll also meet some new people, which is always a bonus.

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Keep Your Mind Working

Keeping your mind healthy and strong will allow you to continue to enjoy your life as you grow older, and with any of these activities, you’ll be entertained and enjoy yourself, too.




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