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SoulTab is an application software that you download and set up on your device. If you don’t have a device, we offer two purchase options that includes a Tablet. Older adults, along with family members and caregivers can have access to SoulTab.


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Explore Yoga, Spirituality and Listen to music to keep your Health in check.

SoulTab’s vast selection of Personal, Concierge and Entertainment apps assures that there’s something for everyone. There’s so much to choose from and yet, so little to clutter your screen. That’s because you are in charge of what is important to utilize on the tablet.

Personal features for staying Connected, Informed and Soulfully Enriched

Concierge Features for important Health Management and even Shopping

Easy access to Medication Management including Pharmacy apps

Speed Dial Doctors and quick access to Doctor portals

Easy access to important Alerts and Communications

Quick Internet Browser Connection

Pre-installed Shopping apps personalized just for you

Entertainment Features regularly refreshed for Engaging Fun

  • Fun games for a range of interest will keep you entertained for hours

  • Enjoy movies, music and view photos and videos

  • Hobbies are heightened with YouTube how-to videos or articles on a vast array of topics

  • Take pictures and share with your family and friends

Fun and entertainment has never been easier friends and more fulfilling, see what else we offer

Remote Web and Mobile app based Monitoring and Management means less worry for Family and Caregivers

Web Based Dashboard

Caregivers and family can see how their seniors are battling loneliness and enriching daily life with endless opportunities to engage in activities. Staying active is vital to their wellness, even more important is their daily health. The web-based dashboard lets you see their medication, health activity, compliance, vitals and much more. Best of all, caregivers can video call anyone who has a profile setup.

Mobile App based Monitoring

It’s all there in the web dashboard. And best of all, you can help your loved one manage their days by filling their calendar with events, special occasions and even medication reminders from wherever you are located. With your help and the SoulTab dashboard, your loved ones will never miss out on meaningful events and important reminders.

Support for Seniors means a peace of mind for everyone

Knowing that older adults are safe, healthy and staying connected in their homes is important for both family and caregivers. That’s why SoulTab offers speed dial so seniors can contact our customer service any time they need assistance with the software or tablet. We take this assistance one step further with speed and ease, by giving assistance through audio and video calls to caregivers and family members.

SoulTab keeps getting better

The SoulTab innovators are busy making New Features to keep you engaged, entertained and
soulfully connected.
Look for some exciting New Features Coming Soon!

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