SoulTab’s Tablet gives Patients with Chronic Health issues the tools to Live Independently at Home.
It also

  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Reduces Stress
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Offers Entertainment, Engagement, And Connection
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Allows For Fast Connection To Medical Personnel, Reducing The Need For Office Visits Or Hospitalizations


The SoulTab tablet is entirely customizable for each user’s needs

  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    A SoulTab expert will set up and customize each tablet
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Expert tech support is available 24/7 at the touch of a button
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Oversized screens and buttons mean easy navigation and operation
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    The internet browser is simple, and customers can save their favorite websites
  • Elderly Watching Tablet
    Reminders for appointments, scheduled medications, and live classes
Elderly Watching Tablet

Stay Connected To Friends And Family With SoulTab Assistant

The SoulTab assistant keeps patients connected to friends and family, as well as caregivers and healthcare providers

  • Get alerts, messages, and video and voice calls
  • Chat on the SoulTab app or website
  • Place orders for services from healthcare providers and keep track of the status of requests made
  • Connect online with other SoulTab community members for increased socialization

SoulTab Is HIPAA Compliant

We built our state-of-the-art security and safety features with families and their loved ones in mind. All data is SSL encrypted in the USA.

Elderly Watching Tablet
Elderly Watching Tablet

Take Control Of Your Health With SoulTab Concierge

  • Record vital readings like blood pressure and blood sugar to share with your healthcare provider
  • Save test results and reports to track your health status
  • Setup medication reminders to stay on schedule
  • Add doctor appointments to your schedule and get reminders

Families can Enrich Their Lives with Live Meditation and Yoga Classes

Connect with other SoulTab users to create a support system which reduces stress

  • Increase spiritual awareness
  • Reduce isolation and make friends
  • Attend classes from home
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Elderly Watching Tablet
Elderly Watching Tablet

Stay Entertained And Sharp With In-Home Entertainment And News

  • Play games
  • Watch movies
  • Read articles
  • Watch the news
  • Learn new skills
  • See photos of loved ones, which can be updated remotely by family members

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