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SoulTab gets the isolation and loneliness older adults experience. Overcoming this with phones and tablets can be challenging, even intimidating for seniors. Then there’s the guilt family experiences for not being there for them or conveniently staying connected. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever the situation, even the most tech-challenged adult can use SoulTab to connect and enrich their lifestyle in a confidence-building and fun way.

Keep Older adults engaged with content they crave

Intuitively organized content places apps into Personal, Entertainment and Concierge screens for easy access

Staying close to loved ones is just a tap away with video calls, emails and social media. Keep connected to the world around you with news, weather and much more. Soulfully connect mindful and physical activities with yoga practice.

Discover the Possibilities
Elderly Watching Tablet

Enjoy a Peace of mind without Cluttered Screens by easily disabling unwanted apps

Whether it’s engaging in hobbies, passions or following important Health and Medical Alerts... it’s all in SoulTab. There is no need for cluttered screen because you select which Apps to utilize.

Do More Together...
The SoulTab Web-based Support Dashboard, Android and IOS app
for Families and Caregivers are free!

Do More together

Staying connected and informed works much better when family is on board. That’s why we designed the most comprehensive, user-friendly support dashboard available. It’s easy for family and caregivers to remotely check on health compliance and setup health and activity alerts, calendar events and much more...

You and your loved ones will be inspired to do even more, Once you see how SoulTab makes living independently easier and safer.

Discover the Possibilities

Speed Dial Assistance

Speed dial assistance support for your loved ones means peace of mind for everyone.

This is one of the reasons to love SoulTab. Knowing that your loved ones are healthy, safe and connected in their home, whether you’re near or far. Speed dial lets seniors to connect with families or SoulTab customer service whenever they need assistance or help with the software or tablet.

Discover the Possibilities
Elderly Watching Tablet

Customer Stories

Here's why Older adults, their Families and Caregivers love SoulTab...


SoulTab is an On Demand companionship service with smart apps designed to help you age healthy at home. You can download the app on your phone or tablet, even SoulTab provides tablet with app installed for your convenience, participate in SoulTab community for health support groups and make friends.

Any way you choose, SoulTab offers a peace of mind you deserve, and that is priceless by any standard.

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