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Eliminate Fear and Disinterest that

Seniors have with Tablets and Technology

SoulTab can be customized with the apps that are necessary to each Senior. No need to keep Apps and Screen Clutter that only confuses seniors. SoulTab is the perfect balance between Social, Health care and Spiritual well-being features, specifically curated for Older Adults.

Designed for Older Adults with Love

SoulTab is organized in a way that allows for a user-friendly experience for seniors with no technology experience and to those who are more tech savvy. SoulTab device comes with optional high volume, alarm feature to remind seniors of their medications, beautiful app screens and large buttons will keep seniors engaged.

Boost health with Yoga and Spiritual Wellness and with videos and articles

SoulTab App is curated for spiritual growth and personal well-being keeping older adults in mind. A spiritual connection can boost wellness and improve quality of life. Yoga has demonstrated that it boosts health in older adults, with the right guidance and experience. Seniors can take advantage of yoga and meditation training sessions from recorded videos or on - demand live training.

Peace of Mind

SoulTab comes with a peace of mind for Family Members who have aging parents living alone or at the senior care center.

With access to details of every minute our parents spend on Tablets and Daily Activity Reports, Family Members can finally have a peace of mind.

Someone to care for your Loved one 24/7

SoulTab care specialists are available 24/7 for assistance when Senior press one touch Assistant button on app. SoulTab specialist can solve many problems over the phone or dispatch on demand caregiver to visit senior at home

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We understand that Seniors may not be Tech-savvy and you might want to try the app to test the ease of use and satisfaction with SoulTab. You can easily get started with the SoulTab for 1 month trial for free

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