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Why SoulTab ?

You already have a primary doctor and specialist to manage your care. So why you need SoulTab?

Answer is that you see your doctor every few months, but your symptoms may change often. SoulTab creates a holistic care plan with 24/7 Nurse support that addresses root cause of disease which naturally improves your health at home.

Support between doctor appointments

SoulTab monitors your symptoms and vitals real time 24/7, empowers you with knowledge about your condition, refills your medications, send doctor at home during emergencies to help you avoid hospital stays and ER visits

Personalized Care Team

SoulTab creates a personalized care team that includes a nurse, dietitian, social worker, therapist and peer mentor to give you emotional support, answer questions, and provide care

Care coordination with your providers

SoulTab works with your primary care and specialist doctor, caregivers, and insurance, creates a holistic care program that helps you improve your health at home.

Support between doctor appointments

  • 24/7 medical support when you need it
  • Real time vitals monitoring
  • Medication refills
  • Coaching about your health condition

Your Personal Care Team

Your personal care team won't replace your doctors they offer support between visits, whenever you need it.

Easy to use platform

  • Culturally focused services with Tablet, App or website
  • Medicine reminders and appointment scheduling
  • Meditation and Yoga workshops
  • Entertainment

How It Works

How It Works

You'll keep your same doctor, and continue with in-person appointments.

SoulTab engagement member connects with you, and our clinician assess your care

SoulTab personalized care team is assigned to you.

We will connect you with fellow patients.

We've found there are some questions best answered by others who are living with similar health conditions. So we connect you with a community of patients willing to openly share their personal experiences.


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