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Easy to use Senior Phone App
Order 24/7 Help Desk Services
Video/text/Alerts with Family
Photo/Video sharing with Family
Yoga videos for Seniors
Spirituality videos for Seniors
Activity Calendar
Medicine Reminder
Vitals Management
Doctor Appointment Reminders
Senior Health News
Games for Seniors
Community Support Group
Phone App Installation Service
Daily Routine journal
Web Browsing with Senior support
Analytics technology with configurable alert system
Yoga and Spirituality courses, videos, and content
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Tablet with AT&T 4G Cellular Signal

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tablet
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Secure SSL Communication
No Spam or Advertisements
App works with reliable WIFI or cellular signal
App can be installed on Mobile Device or Tablet
Month to Month service
No contract
Senior's Family Member Phone App 1 Family Member 5 Family members 5 Family members
Senior Health Tracking
Order & Track Senior's Help Desk Orders
Video/Text with Family
Remote Access to Senior Phone
Manage Senior's Care To Do List
Discounted in App shopping
Family access to dashboard, Android and iOS caregiver app
SoulTab compliance program with configurable alert system
Unlimited access to setup doctor appointments
Digital journal to record Test reports, Vitals
24/7 Help Desk Services
Transportation with companionship for Doctor Appointment, Grocery Shopping, Errands and much more $25/hour + $0.57/mile $25/hour + $0.57/mile $25/hour + $0.57/mile
Grocery Delivery Not Included $2 - $5/order $2 - $5/order
Pharmacy Delivery Not Included 0.60/minute 0.60/minute

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