Remote Patient Monitoring


Elderly Watching Tablet

Digitally Monitor The Patient’s Health

SoulTab’s family app gives the patient’s family peace of mind through these features

  • Family can access vital records, tests, diagnoses, and prescriptions
  • Loved ones can participate in telehealth appointments
  • Easy communication with caregivers and doctors
  • Check on daily routines
  • Set up medication reminders for the patient
  • Order prescriptions from the pharmacy
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Social Support System And Care Task Management

  • Family members can instantly communicate with friends and loved ones when there’s a gap in care coverage to ask for caregiving help
  • Instant messaging, tracking, updates and alerts, and voice and video calls keep everyone connected
  • Check the analytics of the SoulTab tablet to monitor digital activity
  • Order and check caregiver service requests
Elderly Watching Tablet
Elderly Watching Tablet

Remote Access To The Patient’s SoulTab Tablet

SoulTab’s family app gives the patient’s family peace of mind through these features

  • Add and update information and entertainment to the patient’s tablet, including
    • Video games
    • Music
    • Appointments
    • Schedules for medication
    • Family photos
  • Check on patient’s tracking information
  • Manage device usage
  • Remote troubleshooting
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Live and Recorded Yoga and Meditation Classes

Caregivers can relieve stress and avoid burnout with yoga and meditation

  • Connect to other caregivers in class
  • Build a personal support system
  • Tips on caregiving from experts
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Elderly Watching Tablet
Elderly Watching Tablet

Remote Computer And Mobile App-Based Monitoring And Management Reduces Worry For Family And Caregivers

  • Computer and mobile app-based dashboard allows family and caregivers to track
    • Daily activity
    • Medication doses
    • Blood pressure and other health stats
  • Users can make and receive video calls with our app to and from anyone with a SoulTab profile

Soultab’s Support System For Patient's Helps Everyone Feel Calmer

In addition to all of the personal and medical care services SoulTab offers, we also have on-demand tech support to help users fix problems as soon as they come up.

Elderly Watching Tablet
Elderly Watching Tablet

The SoulTab Web-Based support Dashboard and Android and IOS App for Families and Caregivers are Free

Once the family is on board with SoulTab, they’ll be thrilled with the convenience, usability, and peace of mind it brings to everyone.


SoulTab enables Families to show Love and Support in care of their Loved One's. You can download the app on your phone or tablet, even SoulTab provides tablet with app installed for your loved one

Any way you choose, SoulTab offers a peace of mind you deserve, and that is priceless by any standard

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